What is PAGG?

PAGG stands for Policosanol, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Green Tea Extract and Garlic Extract.  PAGG is a health supplement packed with many benefits for the body. Due to its popularity and effectivity, many manufacturers have developed their own PAGG stack.


Two of the successful makers of PAGG stack are Pareto Nutrition and New Health Solutions.

PAGG stack


What are the health benefits of PAGG?

PAGG stack is known for its success in weight loss. PAGG has 4 major contents such as:

  • Policosanol – speeds the breakdown of the bad cholesterol that leads to the decrease in cholesterol levels in the body. Policosanol allows the blood to flow smoothly by preventing blood clotting, which results to normal blood pressure.
  • ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) – an “energy booster”, due to its ability to turn glucose into energy. ALA is a known antioxidant that cleanses our system. It attacks free radicals that are the main source of damage in our cells and tissues. ALA is beneficial for nerve health (such as in the case of Peripheral Neuropathy), making our sensations intact.
  • Green Tea Extract – used for weight loss, as it increases the metabolism of the body, hence speeding up digestion. Green tea extract also reduces the levels of sugar in the body that contributes a lot to weight gain and contributes in Diabetes.
  • Garlic Extract – garlic, also called the “herb of endurance” is known to decrease cholesterol and normalize blood pressure. This ingredient provides a good blood circulation by preventing accumulation of plaques (that blocks the blood passageways). In addition, garlic detoxifies the body by fighting microorganisms causing diseases. Thus it increases the body’s immunity.

From these 4 major components, Biotin is added. Biotin or Vitamin H is essential for metabolism. It breaks down the nutrients from the food we eat, and speeds up vitamin absorption.

What is the difference between Pareto Nutrition and New Health Solutions?


Pareto Nutrition

New Health Solutions


Red capsule (day)

 Blue capsule (night)

Elongated light brown tablet (day)

White flat circular tablet (night)


Clear Plastic Bottle

Opaque White Plastic Bottle



23 mg (night capsule)

150 mg (day tablet)

25 mg (night tablet)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

215 mg (day capsule)

150 mg (day and night tablets)

Green Tea Extract

325 mg ECGC decaffeinated green tea extract (day capsule)

542 mg decaffeinated green tea (of which 325 mg is from pure EGCG – an antioxidant) – day tablet

Garlic Extract

200 mg aged garlic (day and night capsules)

200 mg (day and night tablets),

Naturally aged garlic (20 months)


250 mcg (both day and night capsules)

100 mcg (both day and night tablets)

Directions for Use

1 capsule before meals (3 x a day)

1 capsule before bedtime

1 “PAGG All Day” tablet 15 minutes before meals (3 x a day)

1 “PAGG Night Time” tablet before bedtime

Absorption Time

PAGG is taken before meals and because the stomach is empty, it will be absorbed in the stomach right away.

Is it Gluten Free?



Who can drink PAGG stack?

  • Vegetarians (no animal product has been used in PAGG stack)
  • Safe for those above 18 years old
  • Elderly
  • People with chronic illnesses and pregnant women alike must seek advice from the doctor before taking any supplements

Effects in the body / Expected Results

  • Energized feeling
  • Food craving is eliminated
  • Weight Loss

How much is it?

1 month supply = $92

3 months supply = $65/month

6 months supply = $58/month

1 month supply = $60

International Shipping



In this section, we will discuss the difference between PAGG stack of Pareto Nutrition and New Health Solutions.

Both brands are color-coded in terms of their PAGG stack. Pareto Nutrition comes in red and blue capsules. The red capsules are taken during the day, while the blue ones are taken at night. They are colored using natural dyes for easy identification of the capsules.

Capsules are easier to swallow than tablets. This is because of their smooth coating that slides down the throat quickly. These capsules are coated in gelatin that locks in the flavor. Due to this, the bitterness of the ingredients is not tasted in the mouth. When the coating is dissolved in stomach, it will release the ingredients ready for absorption.

On the other hand, New Health Solutions have elongated light brown tablets (for day time) and white flat circular tablets (night time). These tablets are not dyed.

Another difference between the two brands is their packaging. Pareto Nutrition comes in clear plastic containers, while New Health Solutions come in opaque white container.

The dosage of the ingredients is in the table above.  Pareto Nutrition contains 325 mg ECGC decaffeinated green tea extract (day capsule). New Health Solutions contain higher green tea extract content. It has 542 mg decaffeinated green tea (of which 325 mg is from pure EGCG).

EGCG stands for Epigallocatechin Gallate. It is a type of antioxidant that is the most abundant in green tea. Both brands have decaffeinated green tea to ensure restful sleep at night.

In taking PAGG stack, both brands have the same direction for use: 1 tablet/capsule before meals (ideally 15 minutes, the usual absorption time of ingredients in the body). And both brands have 1 tablet/capsule taken before bedtime.

Both are gluten free, therefore, it is safe for those requiring gluten-free diet. Pareto Nutrition and New Health Solutions both ship internationally, each having their own corresponding prices.

PAGG stack costs $92 for Pareto Nutrition and $60 for New Health Solutions. For one month’s supply you will get 2 bottles: one bigger bottle of day (tablet/capsule), and one smaller bottle of night time (tablet/capsule). This is for the two brands of PAGG stack.

Due to the fast pace we live in these days, sometimes we neglect the food we eat, and most of us eat on the go. Fast food contains a lot of sodium and cholesterol that can build up in our body, resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle and image. In time, these fattening ingredients will accumulate in our body resulting to obesity, until it will be very challenging to lose weight.

PAGG stack provides nutrients the body needs for normal functioning. It increases the body’s immunity, protecting us from diseases.  Above all, PAGG stack aids in weight loss. This will be more successful when combined with regular exercise, balanced diet, discipline and motivation.

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